Sean Strickland Shares Crazy Prison Stories: “I’m Not Made For Prison”

Sean Strickland Shares Crazy Prison Stories: “I’m Not Made For Prison”
Image Credits: UFC/Sean Strickland Instagram

Sean Strickland has never been shy to share his experiences and voice his opinions…
Which is probably why, during the UFC Vegas 67 press conference, the 31 year old UFC middleweight decided to reveal how he ended up in prison as an adolescent:

I was arrested, bullsh*t charges, but it was two felonies. And I had a lawyer saying: “You’re going to jail for like a minimum of three years.”
I was, like 18, 19 [years old]…

He then shared a story of how a group of white supremacists approached him in prison:

You walk in [to prison], and if you’re white – which, you know, I am a white man – the white supremacists come up to you and give you the tour.
They say, well, here’s the rules, they help you make your bed. They lay down the rules: “Here’s the thing, you can’t go to the bathroom while we’re having dinner, and if you shower with a black guy, you gotta fight him…”

Strickland didn’t really “feel like” joining the group, but…:

I’m, like: “Listen, man, I’m not really racist.” He goes: “Let me stop you right now. If you don’t join us, you’re pretty much on your own. You’re kinda fuc*ed.”

I walk past the segregation of black cells, and you have all of these Chris Curtis-looking motherf*ckers grabbing the bars, threatening me, telling me they are going to f*cking kill me.

What I’m trying to say is – I’m not made for prison.