Roy Dean Addresses Feud With Stuart Cooper & Releases New DVD

Roy Dean Addresses Feud With Stuart Cooper & Releases New DVD



BJJ film make Stuart Cooper and BJJ instructor Roy Dean have had a public feud regarding the non-release of a Youtube video that was filmed by Cooper featuring Dean.

Cooper explained his reasons for not releasing the documentary and his beef with Dean stating that Dean had told him not to date the secretary of his academy, and had acted very strange. You can read the whole statement here. Cooper decided to not release the video and took it off youtube.

Roy Dean then decided to release a DVD for sale with Cooper’s footage and released this statement on the Underground. Cooper reacted by putting the youtube back up so that Dean wouldn’t be able to sell his DVD. You can watch the youtube documentary here.

Here is Roy Dean’s statement:


“This is an amazing DVD. 12 matches with narration, epic belt demonstrations, and Stuart Cooper’s inspiring documentary “Roy Dean- You Are More Capable Than You Can Possibly Imagine.”

For those that are wondering about my use of the documentary, here is my statement:

Stuart Cooper and I made a legally binding agreement. My participation in this documentary required a non-exclusive rights agreement, in which I reciprocally allowed him to use my footage of Pure Rolling to enhance the documentary.

Mr. Cooper has threatened to sue me several times, but with no evidence to support his position, he has resorted to smearing my reputation through fabrications. His motivation is clear, he is emotionally connected to a former employee of my Academy, who’s furnishing him with patently false information. He is welcome to challenge my position, but it is supported by factual evidence and written statements which corroborate my account. For example, how else did I get the high resolution file used on the DVD? He gave it to me, specifically exported for the DVD, and his claims that I stole it are laughable. I am simply requiring Mr. Cooper to honor his professional commitments, as I have honored mine, to our mutual benefit.

I am disappointed that his false claims have generated such reactionary fervor. However, I find solace in my students, friends, professional colleagues, and business partners, who trust in me and have the utmost confidence in who I am, as a jiu jitsu professional, and as a person.”


The DVD trailer: