Rorion Gracie Pays A Visit To Alliance Sao Paulo


In times when you hear about Gracie Jiu-Jitsu vs Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu debates, Master Rorion Gracie, the founder of the UFC, went to visit the most successful BJJ academy in the World: Alliance Sao Paulo. Fabio Gurgel welcomed Rorion at the academy, where he talked about his first academy in the U.S., the source of the Gracie diet and how he chose the names of his 10 children. Some lessons of the night: “If you train light Jiu-Jitsu for your life, for your day-to-day, everything will be easier” and “never stop dreaming and chasing your dreams. Sometimes miracles happen “.

Alliance Sao Paulo proves that they are open minded and open to cross academy trainings. They also recently hosted a seminar with Braulio Estima.





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