Roger Gracie Weighs In On The ADCC & CJI Rivalry

Roger Gracie Weighs In On The ADCC & CJI Rivalry

Roger Gracie, one of the greatest BJJ competitors of all time, recently shared his insights on the ongoing rivalry between ADCC and the CJI.

And, well, the famous Gracie expressed some concerns about the rivalry’s impact on the sport…
Especially because of how important ADCC is to the athletes:

I think it’s sad for the sport, right?
I don’t know exactly what Craig Jones wants to try? Damage the ADCC, right?

I think it [ADCC] can be a championship with multiple defects, several complaints, but one thing is certain about it…
It leveraged a lot of athletes, right? It became a very important championship for athletes, so it has one very big meaning.

You are an ADCC champion, I think that gives you a leverage in your career.
For the athlete it’s important.

So I think he [Craig Jones] is trying to end this.
I think athletes harm themselves.

Although he’s trying to say that he’s doing this for the sake of the athletes, for him to increase the awards and all, but it has a damage.

However, Gracie sees benefits in the CJI in and of itself:

It’s a really cool thing. Never in Jiu-Jitsu [was there] a million dollar award.
That’s unique. This is very important for athletes…

An athlete can be a champion, winning a million dollars changes his life.

But, there is a big BUT:

But to do it on the same day as the ADCC, everyone harms themselves.

I think looking this side; I’m not much in favor, no.

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