Robert Drysdale: “I Never Needed a Fixed Fight in My Life… I Think Gordon Has Psychological Issues”

Robert Drysdale: “I Never Needed a Fixed Fight in My Life… I Think Gordon Has Psychological Issues”

One of the biggest “booms” in the grappling community this year was the accusation – on the behalf of Gordon Ryan and ADCC organizer Mo Jassim – that Robert Drysdale engaged in fixing a match in order to win his 2007 ADCC title.
In his appearance on the “Aces BJJ Podcast”, Drysdale attended to these allegations, as well as described the nature of his conflict with Ryan and Jassim alike.



I have never organized, orchestrated, requested, suggested, or needed a fixed fight in my life. If I had a time machine… There’s nothing to do different. I didn’t need or suggest a fixed fights. That’s an easy one to tackle.
In those days. Andre did not score an advantage on me in practice. I’m not bragging, you can ask anyone. In his best day, he would not score an advantage on me. It’s a style thing.

To say that he threw a match because he was my teammate… He was warming up Jacare in 2009. He was giving him advice on how to beat me. He was coaching him through the match.
I cannot speak for him. Is anyone surprised he’s trying to protect his reputation? You can say whatever you want. Don’t throw me in there acting like I’m part of it because he knows perfectly well that I’m not.



This is an ongoing thing. The topics, they change, but the target remains. I think it’s somewhat personal, is the only thing I can think of. I’ve lost count of how many times Gordon has come after me. In his defense, I came after him once. I think we’ve engaged nine times. Out of those nine times, one of them was started by me and I regret it. And I shouldn’t have done that. And I initiated it. Every other time he came after me. In fact he was a purple belt when he started coming after me.
I don’t know. I think he has psychological issues, some kind of complex of superiority. He has to discredit everyone under the sun. It has to be something personal, because it’s reoccurring, it’s an old thing.

It started when he was a purple belt. He called me out to fight me… That was when it started.



From an organizational standpoint [of ADCC 2019], there were some major problems. And I pointed out some of these problems to Mo not in a condescending way, but more in constructive criticism. I think he took it personally. I think on the other end, he might have received that as me being condescending in some way.
He went after me personally, so I knew there was a grudge there.


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