Ricardo De La Riva Kicks Out All Female Students From Academy After Sexual Assault Allegations

Ricardo De La Riva Kicks Out All Female Students From Academy After Sexual Assault Allegations

Back in April, news broke out of BJJ world champion Claudia Doval accusing her former instructor, BJJ legend Ricardo De La Riva of sexual abuse. This is what caused here to leave the De La Riva team 2 years ago.

Claudia Doval reached out to BJJEE after her statement was released, and said that she was genuinely scared for her life as a result of this revelation:

“It took every inch of courage for me to speak the truth also that his most loyal students are enraged and I’m actually afraid they might hurt me.”

Full story:

Claudia Doval Accuses Former Instructor Ricardo De La Riva of Sexual Abuse

De La Riva quickly replied to Doval accusations by simply denying them.

De La Riva’s reply to Claudia Doval Accusations:

“ For the past 40 years, I gave start to a great history on the mats with a lot of teamwork, strength, determination, respect, character, and passion for Jiu-Jitsu, which got us united as a real family.

There are over 80 De La Riva schools around the world and approximately 3 thousand students guided by me and by the other coaches associated with us.

In all these years, my reputation was built on and grounded by ethics, respect, and commitment to all my students.

As everybody knows, this path was paved with a lot of dedication and honor. I have always had a code of ethics, which has been respected by my family, friends and all my students.

It was with perplexity and consternation that I heard Claudia do Val’s, allegations last Saturday – an athlete of De La Riva team for about 10 years. My family and I were surprised by this irresponsible and false accusation.

For a while now, her statements do not live up to the spirit of this partnership that we are all so proud of, and reached its peaks over the past few days, revealing ingratitude to all the work, support, and coaching that were given in favor of her professional evaluation.

In the past 5 years, Claudia has reached her professional peak, winning a lot of championships, conducting seminars, gaining great notoriety in Jiu-Jitsu world, which reflects, for sure, the great team and professional work that was done by the De La Riva family.

It is important to say that in these times ruled by social media, as you all well know, any reckless statement can grow into epic proportions, having the power to irreversibly harm a reputation, since the mere allegation is enough to convict in the court of public opinion, without the opportunity of a counterpoint. ”

Now it has been revealed that De La Riva has taken it further when he sent out a message to all his female students announcing there are no more mixed classes, saying they can get their refund and hinting it might, in the future, have female only classes.

His female are now without an academy.

Here is his message translated from Portuguese:

“Dear good afternoon

As was already communicated through Zoom at the meeting on 06/26, we inform that there will be no mixed classes (jiu-jitsu and no-gi). If there is a possibility in the future, exclusively female classes will be opened. If you have values ​​to receive, please contact us through this phone as of 06/29 for the settlement to be made.

Ricardo de la Riva”

The message was leaked by some of his female students who were infuriated:


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A mensagem que foi passada!

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Reaction by one of his female students:


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A translation of @meggy_gomes’s powerful statement. 🖤 Via @jiujitsuantifascista

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Doval answered to De La Riva’s initial denial with a promise to come up with evidence in court and then publicly:

“If you tell the truth , you dont have to remember what you said”

You can judge how long Ive kept it, you can judge my past, you can judge my fear of leaving, but you can’t take my truth for me. Evidence will be presented legally and then publically.
I wanna thank all messages of support, Im trying to respond to all but there’s a high volume of them. Each one is very important to me and I appreciate you all!


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