Renzo Gracie Shares His Thoughts On The CJI vs ADCC Beef

Renzo Gracie Shares His Thoughts On The CJI vs ADCC Beef

As both ADCC and CJI tournaments close in, more and more BJJ practitioners are trying to choose their side…
As well as answer the question: what would they rather watch if given the opportunity, ADCC or CJI?

Well, Renzo Gracie has been asked the same question.
And he has quite an answer:

I will tell you the truth… I am in favor of Jiu-Jitsu.
So, let them make this sport grow.

They are bringing the attention deserved for this fantastic sport and amazing athletes participating in this competition.

But who is financing CJI?
Renzo has his opinion, but doesn’t want to go into too much detail:

Everyone is commenting this. I have my bets…
But I can’t speak, I can’t say.

There are two options.

One is Abu Dhabi, the Emirates.
And one that’s from Florida, an investor from Florida.

CJI continues to grow with its athletes roaster.
The latest competitor to be announced is Mahamed Aly, who’s been focused on MMA lately:

It’s been awhile since my last BJJ tournament but I think I still got this.
We’ll have to adjust a few things and remember not to punch people in the face.


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