Rener Gracie Donates $100.000 Court Case Earnings To Charity

Rener Gracie Donates $100.000 Court Case Earnings To Charity

The BJJ community is brewing with various takes on the recent ruling in the Jack Greener case and Rener Gracie’s expert witness testimony in it.

A big part of the controversy involved Rener’s court case earnings, which amounted to $100.000 USD.
The famous Gracie now took it to Instagram to clarify the situation around said earnings – and to announce that he’ll donate the entirety of them to a charity.

Regarding compensation, expert witnesses get compensated for their time and expertise, regardless of outcome. This was the case for me, as well as the expert witness for the defendant.

When this case was first brought to me, after reviewing the footage and better understanding the circumstances, and then learning that the student didn’t get a dime from the defendant’s insurance company to cover his life-changing injury, I agreed to become involved in this case.

I gave the attorney an hourly rate based on how I value my limited time as someone with a family and three businesses.
Over the course of nearly two years, I was paid over 100K for my time.

And he decided to donate all of those earnings to the Spinal Cord Injury Network International charity:

While I gave a lot of time, thought, and energy to this case, it is clear that the compensation I received has become a distraction from the lessons we can learn from this tragedy and the discussion of upholding the standard of care that Jiu-Jitsu students deserve.

For this reason, and because I have been moved and inspired by Jack’s resilience throughout this tragedy, I’ll be donating 100k to Spinal Cord Injury Network International, whose mission is to help individuals with Spinal Cord Injury/Disorder (SCI) triumph over their life-altering injuries.


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