Referee Muzio de Angelis Answers Ary Farias: “The IBJJF Wants To Improve The Sport. It Was Very Messy Before.”

 (Photo Eduardo Ferreira- Tatame)

(Photo Eduardo Ferreira- Tatame)

Yesterday we shared an interview where Ary Farias where he felt outraged by the decision of Muzio De Angelis, the referee, to give him a negative point for celebrating outside of the mat area befor being declared the winner, and thus making Gabriel Moraes win on advantages.

The referee, Muzio de Angelis answered the young champion in an interview with Tatame (in Portuguese): 

Muzio said that celebrating is valid as long as inside the fighting area. The referee even agrees with the punishment for those who leave the mat before the time: “I think it’s fair. Ary did not understand that he could celebrate. We are not concerned with the celebration, but he can not leave the fighting area. The guy who wins the world can celebrate it, what he can not do is leave the fighting area. ”

Amidst the controversy of the decision, Muzio explains that, in certain cases, the athlete can celebrate outside the fighting area. He will be punished, but the victory will not change sides.

“If he finishes the fight, he can exit the area and the punishment will not change anything. But it depends on the scoreboard. The guy has to know what is happening. The IBJJF wants to improve the sport. Before it was very messy. Like the guy who wins and celebrates in the stands. It looks unprofessional. ”

Ary’s frustration with theIBJJF is so strong, that he decided to complain, too, about a fact that he witnessed in the 2012 World, also in California.

“Last year there was a Gracie, I will not mention the name because it is unethical, he had a sponsorship patch which he could not put on his kimono. Alvaro Mansor and the organization asked him to take off the patch because he could not put on that part of the kimono. He screamed, cursed at everyone and said he would not take it off because they were sponsoring. What happened? He did not take it off, and was not disqualified because he is Gracie. The rules are not for everyone?”.

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