Paulo Miyao: “The Most Important Thing Is To Learn To Live Every Day”

Paulo Miyao: “The Most Important Thing Is To Learn To Live Every Day”

Paulo Miyao is one of the best BJJ light featherweight competitors of all time… Who even won a gold medal in the open weight division of the IBJJF World Championships back in 2013, when he was a brown belt – which is an outstanding feat for someone in his weight category!

However, this and other feats of success become less “surprising” when one gets a chance to peak into Miyao’s mindset.
Used to working hard, he is not just living in the present, but – as he explained in a recent interview for the GracieMag – he is open to the future as well:

Being happy now does not mean not thinking about the future or living recklessly. It means living in an open way, being grateful for everything you’ve achieved.
This does not depend on whether what was designed or planned for your life worked or not.

In fact, what we’ve learned over time is that most of our plans don’t go exactly the way we want. However, we can still see blessings and great lessons in everything that doesn’t work out in our lives. We simply need to be attentive.

Miyao also shared what he believes to be the most important thing in life:

The most important thing is to learn to live every day, because no one accumulates exactly the same experiences.

That’s what I find most magical, each person has a unique opportunity to live life. It only remains for us to strive to make good use of it.

Source: GracieMag


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