ONE Championship: Garry Tonon Submits Johnny Nunez With Kimura Lock

ONE Championship: Garry Tonon Submits Johnny Nunez With Kimura Lock

Garry Tonon is back! On Friday, at ONE on Prime Video 6, he faced Johnny Nunez – The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) and Bellator veteran – in a featherweight bout… And submitted him with a Kimura Lock in just under two minutes.

Nunez was looking to trade punches immediately from the get-go. However, Tonon quickly managed to close the distance and get into the clinch with him.
The two fighters were looking to secure a favorable position. Eventually, Tonon managed to establish a Kimura, as a counter to Nunez’s body lock – and then used it to snatch a takedown.

From there, Tonon patiently adjusted the Kimura and eventually got the tap – at just 1:53 in the first round.
Watch the beautiful takedown and submission setup on the video below. It’s a bright example of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:

During the post-fight interview, Tonon had some interesting things to share:

This body is America: strong, violent, full of limitless potential. I am perfection. I am domination. I am the future, and the future starts tonight.

My arms will hold them down while they struggle. My legs will run them down while they flee. I am the U.S. Steel of domination.

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