Nick Ortiz Quits B Team: “I’ve Taught My Last Class This Morning”

Nick Ortiz Quits B Team: “I’ve Taught My Last Class This Morning”

Nick Ortiz has been known as one of the student’s favorite, most analytical and best instructors at B Team Jiu Jitsu… However, his time at the Team has come to an end – as he revealed via social media:

I’ve taught my last class this morning, and I feel appreciative for the opportunity I was presented with and that I was able to help as many people as I could,
However, I no longer feel like an asset to the B Team (both the gym and the brand).

Ortiz went on to share the respect he feels for the Team’s work:

I love teaching and being able to do my part. I know that the staff at the B Team love teaching and putting the needs of the students 1st.
They work to create a curriculum that serves to provide a clear understanding of Jiu-Jitsu and the concepts behind the techniques.

He also revealed that it costs 300$ per month to train at the B Team, but that it’s an investment like no other:

B Team instructors also provide 2/3 months of specialized instruction on a topic in order to give students the ability to obtain new skills (guard retention/front head lock/etc) which puts me at ease because I know the students who pay $300 a month, are in good hands with world class instruction (pro level), a level that I’m working towards.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had convos with other instructors from The B Team about making the classes better.

So what will Nick Ortiz do now? At the moment, it only remains clear that he’ll train at other gyms in Austin:

I look forward to taking this time to study more and training at different gyms, experiencing the rest of Austin’s Jiu-Jitsu.