Nicholas Meregali: “I Feel That The Gi Has Lost Ground To Grappling”

Nicholas Meregali: “I Feel That The Gi Has Lost Ground To Grappling”

Nicholas Meregali is back to competing in the gi!
After being focused solely on no-gi training and competition for the last couple of years, Meregali will compete at Pans.

However, he thought that he’d never compete in the gi again:

Next week I’ll be fighting at Pans and, to be honest, I couldn’t imagine myself fighting in a tournament like that again.

Since I won the Open Class Gi Title, I’ve been training exclusively No Gi, where I wore the gi very few times before the Worlds 2022 and around 3 times until I started my camp for the event.

And even though he feels that the gi is a “part of his essence”, Meregali still feels that gi has “lost” to grappling.
Here’s why:

I feel that the Gi has lost ground to Grappling.

And this is happening for many factors; athletes doing 50% of the work, organizations that manipulate the growth of the sport so they can keep it in control, extremely outdated rules, lack of communication and public support with the industry and vice versa, etc… (It’s everyone’s fault).

Nevertheless, Nicholas is looking forward to wearing the gi again:

As an athlete and perhaps the greatest representative of Jiu-Jitsu in the gi today, I felt obliged to compete at the Pans to remind the public what the essence of Jiu-Jitsu is and connect all those fans who admire the beauty of the sport.

I can’t wait to compete.


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