Nicholas Meregali Admits: “Pushing Myself Is Incredibly Exhausting”

Nicholas Meregali Admits: “Pushing Myself Is Incredibly Exhausting”

If you want to become – and stay – a champion, well, then you have to push yourself.
And you have to do it a lot. Far from your comfort zone.

Which is why, even for the most seasoned of athletes and greatest of champions, things can feel incredibly exhausting from time to time.
Including Nicholas Meregali.

He explained what’s necessary to become who he is in a recent social media post:

My commitment goes beyond discipline, it’s been an all-consuming effort.

The long-term sacrifices I’ve made have shaped who I am now.
There were times when the choices were so tough and the push so relentless that I wondered why I was even doing it.

But it’s all paying off, especially as Meregali prepares for ADCC:

This journey has transformed me into a different person and fighter, and ADCC will be a special meaningful reward for all this process.

As the competition approaches, I’m ready for whatever comes, knowing I’ve given it everything I have.

It’s pushing him to the levels of exhaustion, but…

 Living life like this, constantly pushing myself to levels which doesn’t even exist is incredibly exhausting, but it’s also the most empowering thing I’ve ever experienced.


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