New Footage of Conor McGregor Grappling Dillon Danis

New Footage of Conor McGregor Grappling Dillon Danis

Conor McGregor is a decent grappler however in the bjj world he is usually linked to Dillon Danis who found his notoriety through association. One way or another McGregor is ready to train Gi again.

The BJJ brown belt has competed multiple times Gi and No Gi in international BJJ competitions (IBJJF Europeans, London No Gi Open) and has had decent results.

Many MMA fans have been critical of Conor’s ground game since we rarely see it and he has been submitted 3 times already in MMA.

McGregor has been quote as saying the following about his Gi bjj training:

“I will usually work towards the temple, but when training in the Gi, it is fun to work towards the limbs or the neck instead.”

BJJ world champion & UFC welterweight contender Gilbert ‘Durinho’ Burns recently commented on McGregor’s Bjj level. For Durinho, McGregor’s BJJ is underrated:

“He’s good. People think he’s very bad, but he’s very good. People don’t remember he swept Nate Diaz in their first fight,”

“I think he’s very underrated. People say ‘All you have to do is take him down.’ First of all, when the guy controls the distance like Conor, it’s not easy to take the guy down.

“Another thing that people don’t realize, is those guys that kick a lot, they develop a lot of power in their hips. So those hips are very flexible and very strong.

“It’s that type of flexibility and strength that is the same one that you use to defend the takedowns.”

“The point is, Conor’s jiu-jitsu is not bad. People underestimate that, but he is a good grappler the way I see,”

“For sure, he’s not a grappler. It’s not his natural thing, but for sure he’s put a lot of focus on that.”

Newly released footage of Conor McGregor rolling Dillon Danis ahead of UFC 205. Danis is a brown belt world champion and ADCC competitor, and now a 2-0 MMA fighter.

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