MMA Fighter On OnlyFans Funding Her MMA Career: “Before, I Couldn’t Afford To Train Properly”

MMA Fighter On OnlyFans Funding Her MMA Career: “Before, I Couldn’t Afford To Train Properly”

Alice Ardelean has a professional MMA record of 7-5. And, even though the Romanian native initially ventured into martial arts because she was bullied, she’s now preparing for chance to earn her UFC contract.

Ardelean, training at Birmingham’s Ronin UK Fight Team, is picking up the pace for the March (2023) fight – for the EFC title… The promotion in which athletes such as Dricus du Plessis have fought in.
If she wins, there’s a good chance that there’ll be a UFC contract awaiting her. And she has put a ton of hard work to get to this point.

What’s more, funding has at one point in time been an enormous problem for the 30-year old. Fighting in regional MMA events doesn’t pay nearly enough money for training MMA, let alone for everyday life.
So, she opted to create and publish content on the OnlyFans platform.

She discussed this decision in a recent interview with the Daily Star:

As a fighter, I am not really athletic with big muscles, but I have a big ass. So loads of people subscribed, and fighting and OnlyFans go really well.

Obviously, I get a lot of hate from people, but they don’t give me anything and their opinions don’t matter.

For Ardelean, OnlyFans has been nothing but a vehicle to success:

I’ve also got a lot of hate from MMA fans that never helped me or gave me a piece of bread when I was hungry, saying that I haven’t got self-respect and dignity.
If only dignity would pay bills, rent, electricity, water, gas, food, training, and equipment.

And yes, she’s dead-set on making it to the UFC:

Before OnlyFans, I couldn’t afford to train properly, but now, I do four to six sessions every day and even one training session on Sunday.
I am really close (to the UFC) and I won’t stop now.


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