Miyao Bros & Renzo Gracie Training With Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Zayed

Mizao“Those kids have a way to find your back from everywhere,” says Renzo Gracie, who is been training with the Miyao brother in Sheikh Tahnoon’s (who is a BJJ black belt who has been training since the mid 90’s) palace, in Abu Dhabi. “If they manage to place their heads under your hips, it’s over,” summarizes the veteran, already thinking in ways to counter the phenomenal youngsters moves. This is such an endorsement to the Miyao’s skills, share if you like it

Watch the exclusive footage of Renzo Gracie training with Paulo Miyao in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The session took place in the palace of Sheik Tahnoon bin Zayed, one of the most exclusive mats in the world. They weren’t allowed to film for long, but what they got was serious good stuff. Here’s Renzo Gracie training with Paulo Miyao:


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