Mikey Musumeci Wants To Re-Learn Muay Thai – Might Transition To MMA

Mikey Musumeci Wants To Re-Learn Muay Thai – Might Transition To MMA

Mikey Musumeci is one of the greatest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes in the world.
However, even though he is eager to continue winning everything there is to win in BJJ and submission grappling, Mikey revealed that he’d also like to start training Muay Thai again.

Namely, since he started competing in ONE Championship, Musumeci has been living in Singapore and training in the EVOLVE gym; which, among other things, also offers a high level of Muay Thai training.

So, considering that he’s trained Muay Thai as a kid, Mikey is thinking about starting out again:

I train at EVOLVE, so I have the best Muay Thai program in the world. So, I plan on learning Muay Thai in the next year or so and then seeing where my level goes.
And I did Muay Thai for seven years as a kid, so I have a background in Muay Thai. I just have to learn it again, but it’s not like I haven’t done any martial arts like stand-up.

After taking notice of his performance at Muay Thai, Mikey would even consider transitioning to mixed martial arts:

So, I would just like to see how I progress over time and then I would love to see if I like to do MMA.

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