Mikey Musumeci Reveals How He Used Google Translate To Learn Portuguese

Mikey Musumeci Reveals How He Used Google Translate To Learn Portuguese

Did you know that Mikey Musumeci – one of the top-ranking BJJ athletes in the world and ONE Flyweight submission grappling world champion – learned Portuguese… Through Google Translate?

Yes, that’s right.
He explained how he’s done it in a recent interview with ONE Championship:

Being with Brazilians my whole life, I definitely wanted to learn so I could connect with them.
Not being able to communicate or talk to them kind of sucks when you’re around them so much.

I was on Instagram, and I kept getting messages from Brazilian fans and stuff.
So I’ll just keep responding, and I’ll go to Google Translate and keep reading the things.

And over time, I just memorized all the different things.

Over time, this approach turned out fruitful indeed!

I would say, I learned Portuguese in about three years’ time doing that method.

And then now I love it because I can connect with Brazilian people. I could connect, like, a whole time period.
You feel like you can talk to them. It’s so cool.

You’re able to communicate and make jokes with them. It’s really fun.

And no, Mikey isn’t planning on stopping with Portuguese when it comes to learning foreign languages.
He wants to learn as much of them as possible!

I plan to learn many more languages as I get older. But right now, my Dropbox storage is full of everything I’m working on.
So one at a time, a little more time, I’ll start learning more things and languages.

I want to keep this format of how I learn with different cultures.

And I just want to keep growing and see how many things I can learn in my whole life span because my favorite thing about life is learning.


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