Mikey Musumeci On Eating Pizza & Pasta All The Time: “I Just Enjoy Life”

Mikey Musumeci On Eating Pizza & Pasta All The Time: “I Just Enjoy Life”

Mikey Musumeci, well known for his successful grappling career, is also (in)famous for his diet. Or, more precisely, the lack of what some would consider a “professional” approach to eating like an athlete.
Well, Mikey has some other plans. He wants to eat pizza and pasta; to enjoy life and what he eats. Here’s what he told ONE Championship:

I just want to enjoy each meal I have on this earth. You know, like, I just enjoy life. I really enjoy what I eat, and it’s not affecting my weight.
And I’ve had blood tests, and all my blood numbers are amazing. I don’t have high cholesterol or anything. So it works.

It used to be for me [like this]: I would diet for like two weeks, eating nothing. And then I’d have a cheat day of getting to eat pizza or pasta.
But then every day became a cheat day for me.

But Mikey still does something great with his diet. It’s something that makes him stay lean, despite eating big quantities of pizza and pasta – and that’s fasting:

The first thing I do when I wake up [is that] I train, and then I drink electrolytes and caffeine. So, like half a gallon of water or just electrolytes and caffeine, which is very filling because it’s a lot of liquid, right?
And then I’ll just drink another caffeine a little later. I’ll train again. And then it’s already nighttime, and you’re ready to eat.

So then the day goes really fast, and you’re not hungry all day, and then you eat a huge meal at night. And then you wake up in the morning already full.
So it’s actually not hard to do if you do it like that, I think.

Watch Mikey talk about his diet on the Joe Rogan Experience: