Mikey Musumeci: “Muay Thai Is The Best For Conditioning”

Mikey Musumeci: “Muay Thai Is The Best For Conditioning”

Mikey Musumeci, the distinguished ONE Flyweight Submission Grappling World Champion, has recently ventured into the world of Muay Thai.
He’s been training under the guidance of top Thai strikers, including Nong-O Hama…

And is very excited about the journey, as he expressed in an interview with ONE Championship:

My favorite thing when I was living in Thailand the past two months was hanging out at PK Saenchai because it was all up-and-coming, young, hungry fighters, and they were all at the gym grinding together.

So whenever I was there, I would feel their energy of that grinding, tough feeling.

Musumeci sees Muay Thai as a new source of motivation.
He describes the camaraderie and shared struggle in Muay Thai training as motivational:

While you’re dying and suffering [in Muay Thai training], everyone else is too, so it builds that camaraderie.
You’re dying, but it’s a vibe of everyone dying together, so it’s not as hard, and you feel hungry.

Everyone is showing up every day to train, so why are you not?
You should be there also, so it makes you motivated.

I love the energy of the Muay Thai people, and I try to have that energy with Jiu-Jitsu.

He also sees Muay Thai as a tool for building his physical endurance:

Muay Thai is the best for conditioning. So that’s my next secret that I’m gonna use for my conditioning for Jiu-Jitsu.
You do Muay Thai, and then Jiu-Jitsu feels like the easiest thing ever.