Mica Galvao Confirms MCL Injury, Out Of Competition For 2-3 Months

Mica Galvao Confirms MCL Injury, Out Of Competition For 2-3 Months

It was obvious to anyone who watched Mica Galvao‘s latest match against Kaynan Duarte, in the quarter-final of the BJJ Stars 10 event, that he suffered a knee injury.

Now, Mica has confirmed that it’s an MCL injury and that he will be out of competition for 2-3 months – as well as that surgery isn’t out of the question.

He shared the news on social media (translated from Portuguese):

According to the MRI I had today, I have a medial collateral ligament damage.

This injury was caused last BJJ Stars and will likely put me out of competition for 8-12 weeks.
Tomorrow I go for another evaluation to see what can be done.

No surgery at first if I do recovery right. But I’ll only be sure in the next few days. I just want to thank you for caring and say that everything is fine.

Mica also addressed the claims saying that Kaynan hurt him on purpose – which he doesn’t believe was the case:

As for Kaynan (Duarte) I ask please don’t put any blame on him. No one but him knows what actually happened there. So I’d rather believe it wasn’t intentional than just accuse.

Who has ever been wronged by being accused of something they didn’t do? It hurt, don’t it?
So all I ask is that you give a vote of confidence and put yourself in his shoes. If you really like my work, please don’t do it to him.

After all, 8 or 12 weeks goes by quickly and I definitely needed a vacation.
I’m going to take the opportunity to develop in a way I’ve never developed in my life and present to you a version that hasn’t been seen yet.


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