Metamoris III Announced, Will Feature Royler Gracie vs Eddie Bravo Rematch


During last weekend’s Metamoris II, Ralek Gracie anounced the rematch that we’ve all been waiting for:

Royler Gracie vs Eddie Bravo. These two first met at the 2003 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship, where Bravo, a brown belt under Jean Jacques Machado at the time, submitted Gracie with a triangle. It was the first time a Gracie had been submitted by an American in competition.

Afyer his victory went on to retire from competition and opened his own academy 10 th planet Jiu-Jitsu which focused more on no gi grappling. Royler also hasn’t competed since in grappling, and has now established his own school in California. There have many organizations that have tried to make this rematch happen but it never happened. Bravo alsways stated that he wanted to do the rematch.

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