Metamoris 2: Ralek Gracie’s Prediction For The Kron Gracie Vs Shinya Aoki Main Event


Metamoris returns with another blockbuster card featuring six matches contested by world-class practitioners of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The unique format combining 20-minute single-round matches with no points encourages fighters to actively seek submissions. Metamoris co-owner Ralek Gracie talked about his prediction for the Main event between his cousin Kron Gracie vs shinya Aoki.

The facts: Aoki is a BJJ and Judo black with a MMA record of 22 submissions in 33 victories. He has never been a World champion in BJJ (gi) but he has won the won the Rickson Gracie Budo Challenge a few years ago and has competed in ADCC, where he lost to Marcelo Garcia.

How this fight might go:  Ralek believes that Aoki’s unusual grappling style which is a mixture of BJJ, Judo and Sambo would be very hard for a classic Jiu-Jitsu guy to deal with. His biggest threat to Kron will be his world class level leg lock attacks. Ralek believes that he could actually beat Kron with those attacks as Kron has been prone to leglocks in the past (remember 2012 Pan Ams vs the much bigger Buchecha). Also this will be a No Gi fight were Aoki is much more accustomed. Kron has a much more developed Gi game although his No Gi game is equally dangerous. Ralek believes that Kron would be no match for Aoki if this fight was Gi.

Ralek sees this superfight as “An MMA fight without Punches,”

Kron usually fights at middle or light weight in BJJ (between 74 to 80 kilos) whereas Aoki is a tall MMA lightweight (70 kilos) who cuts weight. The weight difference will not be that significant. If Kron were to fight MMA, he would probably be fighting at Aoki’s weight.

Ralek Gracie’s prediction: Ralek believes that if kron can control the fight’s tempo, impose his top game and avoid falling into Aoki’s traps, he should win this fight.