Matheus Gabriel: “I’m Always Confident In Myself”

Matheus Gabriel: “I’m Always Confident In Myself”
Image Credits: ONE Championship

Matheus Gabriel will compete for the ONE Championship lightweight submission grappling world title today, December 2… Against none other than the current title-holder, Kade Ruotolo.

And even though it could be argued that Matheus is going into the match as an underdog, he remains confident in his skills.
He revealed his way of thinking in a recent interview with Jiu-Jitsu Times:

I know Kade’s very dangerous and aggressive. But I’m dangerous and aggressive as well. So it’s going to be fire against fire.
I know myself. I’m always confident in myself. If I’m the underdog, I actually kind of like it.

Matheus has been preparing diligently for the match:

I’ve been studying him, and I know one of his strongest attacks is the D’arce. He’s also been getting a lot of people with Heel Hooks.

So I’ve been training for that. I’m not stupid… I’m not going to just say: “Oh, be careful about the D’arce”, and leave it at that.
I’m training everything; positions with the legs, positions with the D’arce – just to be prepared for everything.

All put together, Matheus is keen on putting on a show for the spectators:

I didn’t come here to do a boring match. We go in there to kill or die. One of us is going to get that sub.
We’re excited… And I’m looking forward to that bonus!