Master Ken Pays a Visit to Danaher & Co. in Puerto Rico

Master Ken Pays a Visit to Danaher & Co. in Puerto Rico

The honorable Master Ken from ‘Enter the Dojo’ is currently in Puerto Rico to install his wisdom on the Danaher Death Squad. This is quite surprising as Master Ken has a long history of disbelief in BJJ’s effectiveness and he especially doesn’t like 10th planet Jiu-Jitsu and it’s alternative methods….

He even calls No Gi BJJ  the very funny “No Gi Be Jay Jay’.

What’s his problem with BJJ?

Master Ken: 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu is B.S.

Master Ken stated:

“This @danaherjohn character just got a hard lesson in Ameri-Do-Te. Anyone know what DDS actually stands for?”

Danaher on Master Ken’s visit:

“Squad gets a wake up call on how they have been living a lie of butt scooting tom foolery and leg locking cowardice courtesy of Master Ken: Master Ken showed up in Puerto Rico to a squad training session and gave some encouraging words of advice and mentorship as he described us as “a bunch of weirdos with a foot fetish and a proclivity to hump each other’s legs,” and advised us to practice a real martial art instead. We will definitely start incorporating the throat punches and cock destructions he demonstrated in future training sessions and possibly the next Who’s Number One competition – looking forward to tomorrow’s training session!”


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In this video he shows some dirty street fighting tricks to defeat No Gi BJJ:


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