Marcelo Garcia Anounces Plans To Return To BJJ Competition

Marcelo Garcia Anounces Plans To Return To BJJ Competition

Marcelo Garcia is another outstanding competitor. Having won 5 world jiu jitsu tournaments and 4 times the ADCC (two of the most important tournaments in jiu jitsu), there are many who consider him best pound-for-pound Jiu-Jitsu practitioner in history. His athletic accomplishments are paired with a positive friendly outlook as well as serious teaching credits.

Marcelo anounced his retirement from grappling competitions in 2013 and he decided to focus his attention on his growing family and his New York academy.

Many thought that he would never return to competition, but he has revealed in an exclusive interview with Flograppling that he plans to return and that Kasai could be the event he chooses:

If I have to choose to come back compete in one event, I mean Kasai is right there you know. This is maybe the number one. I’m going to come back to compete but I just don’t know when because I’m just enjoying so parenting and I put so much effort into it. But there will be one time when like you know, I’m already not changing diapers anymore. My kids are already like getting too big for me and Kasai being next door and from the memories that I have competing in Sao Paulo and New Jersey in Abu Dhabi, I mean why not one day…

He added that he’s also looking at competing in other events and maybe even a IBJJF world at adult:

There’s a possibility to compete in other event like IBJJF master who knows maybe mundial again! I mean I’m not saying it’s easy to go there and do it and maybe even Abu Dhabi…

He revealed that part of his motivation is to show his kids:

Maybe one have my kids watching me do this that would be very special. Like my son telling me ‘Daddy I don’t know too much about this like jiujitsu stuff but can you go and do it for me?’

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