Mackenzie Dern & Husband Had An Encounter with Racist Woman At The Beach

Mackenzie Dern & Husband Had An Encounter with Racist Woman At The Beach

BJJ world and ADCC Champion Mackenzie Dern and her husband, pro surfer, Wesley Santos recently became parents in June of this year to little girl Moa.

After a hiatus from maternity leave, Dern is scheduled to face Amanda Ribas on October 12, 2019 at UFC on ESPN+ 19.

In the meantime, she faced an unpleasant situation a few days ago in Huntington Beach, California. Her husband and her were by the pier with their daughter Moa. Mackenzie was standing a few feet away from Wesley who was holding Moa.

The baby was crying in Wesley’s arms. A woman saw the scene from above and asked Wesley if everything was alright. Wesley answered that everything was ok. The woman then came down to ask him more questions and she also called the police in the meantime. When she was down she once again asked Wesley for more information and also talked to Mackenzie while informing them that she had called the police…

Mackenzie and Wesley believes it was racism because of the color of Wesley’s skin.

She stated:


No more racism

Racism still exists…

Mackenzie tells the story in detail:


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Racism still exists…

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