Luke Rockhold: “I Turned Down My Black Belt In Jiu-Jitsu, To Try To Win The Worlds At Brown.”


Luke Rockhold believes he is more than capable to competing with Vitor Belfort on the ground, as he has in 2007 won the IBJJF worlds at blue and at purple belt adult:

“For me, fighting, I believe it’s more mental than it is physical and I know I’ve worked so hard to be here and put myself in this position. I haven’t supplemented, I haven’t taken anything in anyway and I know I’ve put in more work, I know I have a bigger heart, I know have the will that will push me through this fight. I believe people that need that extra push, the TRT, I think they’re lacking something and I believe that will show in this fight. That will be a big factor and I believe in myself, my heart, my will and my hard work …

I’ve been in jiu-jitsu and grappling my whole life. I’m very aware of my body and how I move, and I’ve competed on a world level in jiu-jitsu and I’ve won. I may only be a brown belt, but I have two world championships at blue belt, one at purple belt and I actually turned down my black belt because I wanted to compete at brown belt and win a world championship and try to earn it a different way. Black belts are black belts, I’m very capable of beating anybody. I bring “legitsu” to the table.”

Source: mmaliveshere.com

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