Lloyd Irvin Introduces a BJJ Reality TV Show: “The Next World Champion”

Lloyd Irvin is changing the BJJ World as we know it. He is creating a reality TV show called: “The Next World Champion” where the best brown belt competitors from all around the world will be training, and competing at Team Lloyd Irvin headquarters in Maryland, USA and fight in submission only rules for a chance to fight Keenan Cornelius in a sub only superfight for 10,000 dollars.

Potential fighters to be on the show for the moment: Jarod Ray Lawton(USA), Sean Roberts (USA), Darragh O’Conaill (Ireland) Kit Dale (Australia), Thomas Beach (Canada), Victor Silvério (BRA), Luke Costello (UK), Daniel Strauss (UK), Gianni Grippo (USA), Luca Anacoreta (Italy), Thomas Oyarzún (Switzerland) .

In the words of Lloyd Irvin (from his Facebook page)

“To competitors heads up I’m speaking with the show producer for the format, but the matches will be held during the week with the first match happening on Monday December 10, 2012.There will be a Sub Only Tournament to decide who gets to go for the big money. Everyone that competes in this show will be known and seen throughout the World. People think that I’m just interested in promoting my own guys, NOT TRUE I want to give everyone opportunities to make money, get exposure and not just for my own benefit. This will be like Olympic Training, people from all over the World, from different teams training in the same room together at Team Lloyd Irvin Headquarters to prepare to go to battle. No stalling, no trying to win on advantage, the only way to win is submission. All athletes will be skilled in gi and no gi. They will be in control of the Brackets & the best man that week will win. Each athlete will get great exposure, I’m working on a outlet to get this episode seen by people outside of the BJJ circles to get more exposure to our wonderful art! I’m at a point in my life where I really don’t care about much, I don’t care what people think, what they say, I just want to help people that love BJJ reach their dreams, whether they are on my team or not. I really don’t care. So if you LOVE BJJ let me know it right here. 

<BONUS MONEY> On top of the money to win, I’m like Dana White and will be giving up money for people to do cool stuff, really get after it and whatever else I think about. I will have a $5000 money move that will be offered to the competitors in the GI. The other money bonuses will not be $5000 but I want to encourage the guys to have good matches. “

Episode 1: