Leandro Lo’s Family Lawyer: “Velozo Looked For A Fight, Provoked Them The Whole Time”

Leandro Lo’s Family Lawyer: “Velozo Looked For A Fight, Provoked Them The Whole Time”

Leandro Lo, multiple-time BJJ world champion, was murdered in August 2022 – by police officer Henrique Velozo, during a show in a São Paulo nightclub.

The initial hearing in the murder trial is scheduled for February 3.
TATAME interviewed Adriano Salles Vanni, the representative of Lo’s family, who clarified what will take place on February 3:

What will happen in February is a statement hearing. Hearings of the prosecution witnesses, who were listed by the prosecutor, and hearings of the defense witnesses.

It is not a judgment of the case, it is not a judgment by the Jury Court, it is an instructional hearing only.

Vanni continued:

What does the defense expect? He expects them to speak only the truth of what they have already said to the police, and now they will repeat what they said to the police in court.

So we just expect that, that they speak the truth and we want justice. We have access to the witnesses who were with Leandro Lo, they know who he is.
They testified, they will testify again, now in court, they even gave a statement in the administrative proceeding against the military police.

Then, he provided additional information on what took place during the tragic night:

We want them to tell the truth of what they saw and what they went through that day, of the cowardice that took place. Velozo looked for a fight, provoked them the whole time…

Leandro went so far as to immobilize him, but stopped there. And then the guy came, cowardly, shot him in the forehead, then kicked him twice in the face. And then he went to a motel.

We just want the truth, that’s what we expect from the audience. The family is anxious, because they have never experienced this before, but Justice is a little slow, so the Jury Court judgment will still take some time.