Leandro Lo On Fire Wins Weight & Absolute AT No-Gi Brazilian Championships

Source Gracie MAG:

The current lightweight champion of the world in Gi Jiu-Jitsu, Leandro Lo has just shown that beating him without the gi is an even trickier task.

After a festival of sweeps, passes and mounts at lightweight, beating Kim Terra by 19 to 0 in the final, Leandro Lo tore into the absolute division this Saturday at the Brazilian No-Gi Nationals at Rio de Janeiro’s Tijuca Tennis Club.Podio Absoluto Brasileiro Sem Kimono Foto Gustavo Aragao

First, he outpaced Rafael Costa, proving that his guard is indeed indecipherable. IN the semifinal he caught up with former training partner Filipe Meirelles, who let Leandro go through.

At the other end of the bracket, the only other weight group winner in the absolute showed just why he’d won the superheavyweight division. Mauro Celso of team Gracie Barra Belo Horizonte, first went past courageous light featherweight Leandro Luiz of CheckMat, before going on to beat Moisés Flores and then Manoel Fernandes.

The final started out with caution from both sides, with Leandro waiting for his opponent to attack and get caught in one of his traps, each more exciting than the last. So Mauro didn’t want to hear about being stuck between Lo’s legs, and leapt for a kneebar that brought the crowd to its feet. Although in pain, Leandro managed to unravel the submission hold after a few seconds.

Leandro then started racking up the points by sweeping and then passing guard and taking the back. Once it was all over: 12 to 2 for Brazil’s new absolute king of No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu.

Talita has a romp in the female division

Talita Treta didn’t encounter much resistance in the female division. The Ryan Gracie team black belt didn’t have any opponents in the heavyweight division, so she showed up fresh for the absolute. Her first match was an easy WO win. The final she won handily against the featherweight Elizângela Meireles, who also won her weight group without having to fight. Talita pressured her way past guard in style, finishing up with an armbar.

In the brown belt division, heavyweight champion Jackson Snatos steered clear of Paulo Miyao’s berimbolo in the semfinal, took down Rodrigo Aquiles in the final, and shed his fair share of joyful tears for winning two golds on the day.

In the purple belt absolute, the one of stunned everyone was Lucas Daniel “Hulk” of Marcio Rodrigues team, passing João Miyao’s guard in the final and winning by 3 to 0.

PRETA – Adulto – Masculino

PRIMEIRO Raul Gomes Marcello – Gracie Humaita
SEGUNDO Tiago Marques Magalhães – Burton Deyves BJJ Team


PRIMEIRO Douglas Rufino da Silva – CheckMat
SEGUNDO Leandro Luiz da Silva – Check Mat Brasil
TERCEIRO Paulo Cezar Alves Pinheiro – Gracie Barra
TERCEIRO Thiago Teixeira do Nascimento – Equipe Marcio Rodrigues


PRIMEIRO Herbert Mitchell Pontes Burns – Gilbert Durinho Association
SEGUNDO Richard Flood – GF Team
TERCEIRO Bruno Cardoso Barbosa – Icon Jiu-Jitsu Team


PRIMEIRO Leandro Pereira do Nascimento – PSLPB Cicero Costha
SEGUNDO Kim Terra – CheckMat
TERCEIRO Antonio Roberto Crivelari Jr – CheckMat
TERCEIRO Fabio Gibson Soares Santos – De La Riva JJ


PRIMEIRO Vinícius Tavares Marinho – GF Team
SEGUNDO Murilo Silva Ferreira de Santana – Barbosa JJ
TERCEIRO Victor Inacio de Mendonça Neto – Barbosa JJ
TERCEIRO Edson Diniz Fidelis – Infight JJ

Meio Pesado

PRIMEIRO Alberto Ramos de Araujo Oliveira – GF Team
SEGUNDO Romulo de Souza Azevedo – Welton Ribeiro
TERCEIRO Italo Ramon Magalhães Vieira – Check Mat Brasil
TERCEIRO Paulo José Pinto – Alliance


PRIMEIRO Leonardo da Costa Maciel – GF Team
SEGUNDO Ricardo Ramos de Mesquita – Alliance
TERCEIRO Rubens Pedroso – Infight SP
TERCEIRO Manoel Fernandes de Oliveira Neto – GF Team

Super Pesado

PRIMEIRO Mauro Celso Santiago – Gracie Barra BH
SEGUNDO André Luiz do Nascimento Ramos – Equipe Marcio Rodrigues
TERCEIRO Diego Turquino de Oliveira – Gracie Barra Cuiabá
TERCEIRO Raphael Bittencourt Quintanilha – Braga Jiu-Jitsu


PRIMEIRO Bruno Matias Soares – Check Mat Brasil
SEGUNDO Walter Pinto da Silva Júnior – Broca Team
TERCEIRO Gilmar Silva de Oliveira – Academia BSB
TERCEIRO Moises da Silva Flores Júnior – De La Riva JJ


PRIMEIRO Leandro Pereira do Nascimento – PSLPB Cicero Costha
SEGUNDO Mauro Celso Santiago – Gracie Barra BH
TERCEIRO Filipe Meirelles Bobrick – Alliance
TERCEIRO Manoel Fernandes de Oliveira Neto – GF Team

For the complete results, check out the CBJJ website here.