Lack Of Opportunities Main Reason For World Champ Tayane Porfirio Joining Gracie Barra From Alliance

Lack Of Opportunities Main Reason For World Champ Tayane Porfirio Joining Gracie Barra From Alliance

“jiu-jitsu é a única arte marcial que tem família” (Jiu-Jitsu is the only martial art that has a family)

Team switching in Jiu-Jitsu is a very controversial topic that will always provoke different points of views and arguments among the BJJ community. Throughout Jiu-Jitsu history, there have always been individuals that have gone their own way, leaving their initial team or master, to either join another team or create their own. This is what many people know as “Creontes”.

What Makes You & Doesn’t Make You a ‘Creonte’ in BJJ


If you think about it, the majority of BJJ players and competitors could be considered “creontes” unless they were with just one academy their whole lives. When it comes to switching teams, everybody has their own reasons for doing so. It can be because of a disagreement on teaching style, involve money, location etc.. One thing that history has taught us is that whenever small teams break off, eventually more new teams will break off from that new team (for ex:Alliance> Brasa> Checkmat…).

4x black belt world champion Tayane Porfirio shocked the BJJ community this week when she posted a picture on Instagram where she posed in a Gracie Barra Gi. Tayane had been with Team Alliance since blue belt and was very close to her instructor Alexandre Paiva from Alliance Rio De Janeiro.

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Eu sei que, mesmo sem entender, Você está no controle Então, me esconda no Teu coração Me amarre a Ti pra eu não desistir Eu não quero mais fugir da Tua vontade pra mim Eu sei que vai ser difícil Mas Você estará sempre comigo E mesmo que minh'alma grite e tente me fazer voltar atrás Eu vou confiar, eu vou descansar Me lançar no Teu amor No Teu amor, Senhor O tempo não pode apagar, as muitas águas nunca levarão o amor Que Você sente por mim, eu sei que tudo vai se cumprir O tempo não pode apagar, as muitas águas nunca levarão o amor Que Você sente por mim, eu sei que tudo vai se cumprir Vai ser difícil, eu sei, largar tudo por Você Mas eu sei que quando eu pensar em desistir Você estará ao meu lado Me segurando, me assegurando de que tudo vai ficar bem Tudo vai ficar bem. 🇬🇧🇧🇷🙏

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In an interview (in Portuguese with Graciemag) Tayane revealed the reasons why she left Alliance for Gracie Barra Fulham in London. It seems that the main reason seems to be an opportunity to earn more money teaching in London. She will be training under Lucio Lagarto Rodrigues:

How did GB approach you?

Nobody, in fact, invited me or convinced me to be a part of the GB team. The decision to come to Gracie Barra in London was just one of embracing the opportunity that I have here. London has more infrastructure and quality of life.

I was already considering leaving Brazil for multiple reasons, like safety, recognition, etc. I first went to London in 2016 and I already dreamed of this place through films and photos; I ended up falling in love. London and Portugal have always been my passions. Besides, here I have friends; I don’t feel helpless, and I will learn English. We know how important that is for any profession, especially for fighters. Needing to travel, teach seminars and knowing how to communicate well. I feel that that moment has finally come. I had been studying this possibility since August; I would talk to my friends about my situation in Brazil, and they always said I needed to leave Brazil to teach, have a better financial condition, etc. I think I know how things go, I know people will say I’m a traitor and stuff like that, but who’s going to pay my bills? I am! The people in the field of BJJ need to grow up and stop talking so much crap. I’m no less of a Brazilian.

What is your real motive for moving?

Here I will be able to get a good salary, doing what I love, and be able to help my family! Unfortunately, in Brazil you have to pick between paying rent and eating. BJJ isn’t recognized in Brazil like it should be. People complain about a seminar that costs R$ 40 — they think it’s expensive. You charge R$ 100 for a private lesson and they call you nuts. Also, there are many companies that see the athlete as a beggar. They don’t understand the logistics of sponsorship. We need clothing, sure, but sports clothing don’t pay the power bill, for instance. Athletes get hurt, need to pay for medical consultations, medications, physical therapy, etc. The main reason for moving is my family. I’ve always been a person who care a lot about my family, help them. If they are well, I’m well. I have inspiration to follow. I got to a point of being unable to help my parents, and that became painful. My dad can’t work because of health problems, and my mom works herself to death to provide for my siblings and nephew. I want to see my family well and feel accomplished working with what I love.

Porfirio will be expected to face Gabi Garcia who made a winning return to Jiu-Jitsu after winning double gold at Pan championships last month.

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