Kit Dale Answers Internet Hater’s Steroid Accusations

Kit Dale Answers Internet Hater’s Steroid Accusations



2 time world pro champion Kit Dale, has for the past few months been hitting the weight room hard and packed on a lot of muscle. An internet hater on the Reddit forum, recently made a post based on no evidence at all except his own personal opinion on what is achievable naturally, accusing the Australian grappler of using steroids:




Here is Kit’s transformation for the past 6 months. He has had some injuries that have kept away from training BJJ at a 100% so has been lifting weights instead:





Kit’s answer to the Reddit Hater from his Facebook page:

“I’m not sure who wrote this..
But it’s a sad reflection on ones self when you have to associate anyone else’s success with everything but smart and hard work..
I heard this when is started Jiu Jitsu, and I hear it now I’m working on my size.. It’s a negative spiral that gets you nowhere but feeling sorry for yourself..
Use other people’s successes as inspiration and motivation.. Find the algorithm in which they use to obtain the success they have… Modify it and use it in a way that’s positively productive for yourself..
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