Keenan Cornelius Out Of Metamoris II, JT Torres Now Set To Face Victor Estima


JT Torres is stepping up on short notice! After a disappointing Worlds where he didn’t medal at lightweight, JT now has a chance to face Victor Estima. This comes after the initial match up of Bill Cooper vs Ryan Hall was changed after Hall sustained an injury. Hall was replaced by Estima. Then after Cooper made a controversial re-tweet, he was replaced by Cornelius. Cornelius injured his knee and will now be replaced by teammate JT Torres from Atos.

Source: Metamoris official facebok page:

“When warriors are preparing for a fight, things happen. Unfortunately Keenan Cornelius has been forced to withdraw from his scheduled Metamoris II appearance due to a knee injury. We wish him a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see him compete again.

We are honored to have Jonathan “JT” Torres, aka “The Spiderman,” step in to face Victor Estima this Sunday. Torres, representing Team Atos, is an amazing young prospect in the BJJ world with seven gold medals in major competitions.”

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