Kade Ruotolo Talks Grapplers Who Use PEDs: “They Are Taking Shortcuts”

Kade Ruotolo Talks Grapplers Who Use PEDs: “They Are Taking Shortcuts”

There is no denying that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, when it comes to professional competitors, is full of athletes using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs).
Many take them to gain that slight edge against other athletes who, also, take PEDs… So it can be argued that, for many, it becomes a question of using “gear” so that they don’t fall behind the competition.

However, some athletes refuse to follow the crowd. Ruotolo brothers are among them and, as Kade Ruotolo emphasized in his interview with The Schmo, they will continue competing clean for the rest of their lives:

You know, I never try to throw hate towards specific people. My brother and I have always fought clean and that’s the way we will fight forever.
We like to speak on that, you know, trying to encourage the next generation to do the same.

Everyone competing dirty… They are, kind of, taking shortcuts. And I think, in the long run, it comes and bites them in the as* a bit, you know?

When asked if he could consider someone as the “greatest of all time” if the person is taking performance enhancing drugs, Kade had a straightforward answer:

Personally, absolutely not. I mean, it’s kind of hard to say, because it seems like the entire sport is [on performance enhancing drugs], you know what I mean? So, there’s weird variables.

But, for me, that’s why I look up so much to guys like the Diaz brothers. You know, the guys who aren’t “technically” the greatest of all time – but to me, they’re pretty much my favorites, they’re the greatest to me.
Because they’re out there competing against these “cheaters”, sort to say.