Kade Ruotolo On Tommy Langaker: “He’s Got That Viking Strength”

Kade Ruotolo On Tommy Langaker: “He’s Got That Viking Strength”

The ONE Championship submission grappling match between Kade Ruotolo and Tommy Langaker is fast-approaching.
Scheduled for June 9, it promises an exciting battle, as both athletes are submission hunters.

Ruotolo is confident of his skills, but he also has a high level of respect for Langaker.
For example, as mentioned in a recent Jiu-Jitsu Times interview, the combination of his flexibility and strength:

He’s got an extremely flexible guard – probably the most flexible guard that I’ve seen.
But he’s also very physically strong. He’s got that kind of classic bodybuilder-esque figure. That Viking strength!

And strong and flexible is a tough combination to deal with – kind of like in my last match, with Matheus Gabriel.
It makes it more difficult to get past that hip line and find windows for that submission.

Kade understands that he’ll be in danger of back attacks:

I think the biggest threats he poses to me are probably his back takes – he’s got great back takes off that K Guard, off that Matrix Guard.

I think he’s probably going to be looking to get to my back, the same way he did in his last match against [Renato] Canuto. That’s where his best chance lies.
Or, the leg locks – he got a leg lock finish on Uali [Kurzhev], so I could see him going for some leg locks on me.