Junny Ocasio: “The Mikey Lock Submission Is Bull*hit”

Junny Ocasio: “The Mikey Lock Submission Is Bull*hit”

It’s not every day that you see a new submission in BJJ… But that’s exactly what Mikey Musumeci did at the latest Who’s Number One (WNO) tournament! He used a Leg Lock submission that he named the “Mikey Lock” just 56 seconds into his bantamweight match. You can see how to set it up here.
However, not everyone thinks that this is a novel submission. One of those people is Junny Ocasio, an elite black belt competitor representing the Unity Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

In an interview with the Grappling Insider, Ocasio said that even though Mikey performed exceptionally well, he did not invent anything new:

Essentially, you’re doing rotation and using your head on the toe bone, and using something to pry the heel, and something to keep the knee line while you use your legs in different variations. So it’s still gonna be the same no matter how you do it.

Maybe it’s new to [Musumeci] because he’s been doing No Gi specific with Leg Locks for like seven months, but I’ve been using that for years.
I have a reverse K-Guard instructional I’m gonna put out in the next month and it revolves heavily around that move. So trying to claim that as the Mikey Lock is insane to me. You can do it and you can try to claim it like that, but it’s just not true.

He went on to further clarify his thoughts:

He’s Mikey and he has a lot of “Stans”. He’s like Eminem. He has a lot of people that just love him, and they should, he’s great at Jiu-Jitsu… I think if he would have said: ‘I like this and I’ve been working on it, and I think it works really well, and this is the way I do it’, I think I would have totally been down for that.
But to say you’re gonna revolutionize and show new things that you invented, that’s bull*hit. Nobody wants to say that.

In a press interview earlier this week, Musumeci talked about the ‘Mikey Lock’:

What I developed was a Heel Hook, where you put the foot in the armpit. So now, I’ve been using my neck pin for this submission. It’s like a hybrid of an Inside Toe Hold, because it puts more pressure on the foot; but then it also puts Heel Hook pressure on the knee… It’s been so efficient for me.
I’m so excited to share this with everyone so then they can start implementing this in their game, because it’s gonna fix all your problems with Heel Hooks that you have.

Mikey also claims that there’s no known defense against the Mikey Lock yet:

So far, there’s been no counter for it in training. I’ve just been doing this over and over.

In this video, he shows how he sets it up:

Read the rest of the Junny Ocasio interview with the Grappling Insider here.

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