Julia Alves: A Jiu-Jitsu Journey Of Triumph & Dedication With AJP

Julia Alves: A Jiu-Jitsu Journey Of Triumph & Dedication With AJP

In the exciting world of professional Jiu-Jitsu, GFTeam’s Julia Alves stands out as an example of success and determination.
Her journey, marked by commitment to the Abu Dhabi Jiu Jitsu Pro (AJP), serves as an inspiration to many in the BJJ community.

Julia’s association with AJP began back in 2020, a year that saw her get promoted to the brown belt level.
She thought back to that period of her life, in an interview with AJPTour.com:

My story with AJP started in 2020 when I got the brown belt.
The competitions started to return after the pandemic and the AJP was the first organization to have structure and safety for the athletes and return with the tournaments.

I had competed at AJP in other belts before, but it was in the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam that I had this key turn in my career, thanks to AJP.
I was champion in that tournament, got first in my category rank and received an invitation to fight at the Abu Dhabi World Pro with all expenses paid.

Julia’s success with AJP transcends personal achievement.
She has become an ambassador for the sport, advocating for the recognition and support of athletes:

The saying that “athletes don’t eat medals” is very true, and the AJP recognizes the value of its competitors.

A top-level athlete needs not only to travel to train and compete, but eat well, supplement, and not have financial worries.
As a dedicated competitor in the AJP ranking, I can have all of this and still provide more security for my family.

AJP’s commitment to its athletes extends beyond the mat. Julia highlights the organization’s efforts in promoting its competitors:

The visibility that the organization gives not only to me but to the other athletes is incredible.

I feel like a star within the sport, all because of the support of AJP.
The best choice I made was to invest my time and focus on competing for AJP.


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