JT Torres Promoted To 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt by Andre Galvao

JT Torres Promoted To 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt by Andre Galvao

Jonathan “JT” Torres has just been promoted to the rank of a 4th degree BJJ black belt!
He’s been promoted by his long-time friend and coach, Andre Galvao:


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JT Torres is one of the hardest workers in the Jiu-Jitsu community.
His story is an inspiring one, a true “rags to riches” example:

When I was 15 years old, I set my mind on earning my black belt, becoming World Champion and opening my own academy.
I’m very grateful to have accomplished all three goals that I set for myself years ago but they didn’t come easy.

When I set out in my journey I didn’t have many available resources but I did everything I could to improve with what I had.

I’m a PuertoRican kid born and raised in NY, didn’t come from money, and my parents split when I was young, some of my close friends growing up have passed away and some even addicts.

I worked at an ice cream shop, I worked at McDonald’s, I worked at a hospital as a transport and which ever side gig I could find to financially help me along the way, there was no sponsors for me coming up through the ranks.

It wasn’t EASY to get to where I am today. But I NEVER gave up and I ALWAYS GAVE 100 PERCENT EFFORT!