Jozef Chen Announces Appearance At Craig Jones Invitational (CJI)

Jozef Chen Announces Appearance At Craig Jones Invitational (CJI)

It’s official: Jozef Chen will compete at the Craig Jones Invitational (CJI)!

He has announced it via social media, with a funny caption:

If I win [the million dollars] I guess I shouldn’t keep pirating instructionals.

Chen has, therefore, joined a number of other athletes who have already decided to compete at CJI.
He joins his teammates Nicky Ryan and Nick Rodriguez, as well as Ffion Davies, the Tackett brothers, and MMA legend Luke Rockhold.

CJI, organized by Craig Jones, will be the highest-paying tournament so far.
Jones explained his plans with the tournament:

We will change this game and create an annual event.

If some miss out this year, such as lighter weight men and we really hope not women.
We will eventually create something that takes care of all.

Would be a shame to not have people like Ffion [Davies] involved, who is a positive voice in this community and a role model to many young athletes.

He explained that he wants to leave a legacy:

I know everything I put forth is humorous, but if I can’t leave a legacy as an athlete I want to leave on as changing the game for all athletes’ ability to make money.