HUGE UPSET: Unranked Jacob Couch Taps Roberto Jimenez at WNO

HUGE UPSET: Unranked Jacob Couch Taps Roberto Jimenez at WNO

The Who’s Number One (WNO) Lightweight division saw a uge upset win for the “Hillbillie Hammer” who submitted the number ranked lightweight Roberto Jimenez.

Couch comes from Pedigo submission fighting team and was a late addition to the card. He was relentless from the get go, attacking Jimenez’s legs, hunting for a finish.

He got it in the form of a outside heelhook that forced a loud verbal tap from Jimenez who was seen limping after the match:


The Finals match saw an attacking-style match between Kade Ruotolo and Gabriel Sousa.

The two athletes started by looking for takedown opportunities on their feet; Ruotolo was successful first, taking his opponent down with a fierce Double Leg. However, he was unable to control Sousa because he got back up to his feet. So, Kade started looking for another takedown, nearly getting taken down himself along the way.
He then utilized yet another Double Leg and threw Gabriel out of bounds. When they were reset neutrally in the center of the mats yet again, they got into a scramble – during which Ruotolo got on top.

Gabriel played Open Guard and went for a Leg Lock, but Kade managed to escape the submission attempt and started passing guard again. Then, as Sousa turtled up, Ruotolo went to take the back… Unsuccessfully, because his opponent rolled out of danger.
However, as Sousa returned to the Turtle Position, Ruotolo went in again with an attack – this time with a Darce Choke. He locked it up and, after making several adjustments to the choke and being patient with it, he made Sousa tap out.


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