Gordon Ryan Tells Hilarious Stories About John Danaher: “Gordon… What Do You Think About Wi-Fi?”

Gordon Ryan Tells Hilarious Stories About John Danaher: “Gordon… What Do You Think About Wi-Fi?”

Gordon Ryan and Mo Jassim recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show, where they spoke about many interesting subjects… Among which was John Danaher.
Ryan shared how great Danaher is on a personal level:

He’s so selfless. He literally doesn’t ask us [his students] for anything – not for money, nothing. He wants you to just show up on training.
And I think he gets a lot of satisfaction from building athletes and seeing them succeed, using the stuff that he teaches. I think that’s where his happiness comes from.

When I win the ADCC or something big, you can see it; he’s very happy. That’s one thing that genuinely makes him happy.

Mo Jassim chimed in with an insight of what Danaher’s dedication to coaching looks like:

I used to train with him when they [Danaher’s team] were training in Puerto Rico. So, me and John would actually hang out after class all the time, we’d just get some food… And he’d always be watching tape, and he’d always be making notes.

He’d always have a goal and would have a program for one week, one month, three months. And he’d just go ahead and apply that, every day in class.
That’s all he does, he dedicated himself to his craft. And you can see the results.

And Gordon had some hilarious stories, which illustrate his coach’s focus:

He doesn’t do anything else in life.

He has an apartment now and I asked him: “Hey, did you go furniture shopping, plates and dishes?” And he goes like: “Hmmm. I have to do that.” And I’m like: “We’ve been living here for a year, dude.”
So, I helped him move into his apartment. And he has some furniture, like a bed, couch and stuff. But then I asked him: “Do you, like, have cups, bowls and stuff?” And he’s like: “No.”

He moves in and he’s like: “Gordon… What do you think about wi-fi?” And I’m like: “What do you mean, what do I think about wi-fi?” And he goes: “Is it worth getting?” I’m like: “Yeah… Don’t you want to, like, hook up your TV and watch Netflix or something?”
He goes: “I despise TV. I’m not gonna watch it.” And I’m like, okay… “But what if you have a chick over, on a date, and she wants to watch something on Netflix?” So, he’s like: “Good point. How much does it cost?”