Gordon Ryan Scoffs At Tye Ruotolo After His Match With Jozef Chen

Gordon Ryan Scoffs At Tye Ruotolo After His Match With Jozef Chen

Gordon Ryan has again taken aim at Tye Ruotolo – following Ruotolo’s victory over Jozef Chen at ONE Fight Night 23.

Ruotolo had previously shown interest in facing Ryan in a no-gi match.
However, Ryan now seems even less than impressed than it was the case before – due to, in his words, Ruotolo’s recent performance against the 19-year-old grappler Chen.

Ryan seemed to mock Tye’s eagerness to compete against him, by “calling him out” via social media:

Gordon Ryan's story on Tye Ruotolo

So why all the hate? What’s the backstory?

Well, the Ruotolo brothers – Tye and Kade – have been outspoken about their commitment to staying “natural” and representing clean athletes in the sport.

Kade has previously stated that if Tye were to compete against Ryan without the use of PEDs, the match would be “effortless” for Tye:

I think the only thing that makes his Jiu-Jitsu work is his size.

You know, if you look at his size right now, I don’t even think that I mean, you know, everyone has different things going on, but he has the same body type he has before.

He took all these different steroids.

Ryan has dismissed these claims vehemently:

I won 5 ADCCs against people were my size or larger, minus Lachlan, Pedro, and Garry.
21 matches, 19 people at least my size.

Then there’s the whole debate about no one ever, regardless of size has ever just called subs on the best guys in the world.

Also incredible is the fact that I’m 5-0 against ATOS at black belt and every single time I faced someone from that team they were my size or bigger.