Gordon Ryan Releases An NFT: “The Cost Is One Ethereum”

Gordon Ryan Releases An NFT: “The Cost Is One Ethereum”

Gordon Ryan has had his eye on making an NFT for some time already. And yesterday, he announced its release! Made in a collaboration with BJJ Fanatics, this NFT will include all of Ryan’s up and coming instructionals and will cost one Ethereum.
Here’s what Gordon had to say about the release, explaining what it means for his fans along the way:

NFT IS LIVE! My NFT with¬†@bjj.fanatics is now live and available for purchase on open seas. The cost will be 1 ETH and what you will get is access to the every single instructional I ever put out starting from the date you purchase the NFT (I’m doing 6 per year for the foreseeable future).

There will only be 100 copies available so if you want one I suggest getting them now before they’re gone. To be clear and up front, you will NOT get access to my previous instructionals, only new ones after buying the NFT.
In addition, should you choose to sell the NFT you will NOT lose access to the videos you already have, but you will also NOT get access to the new instructionals once you have sold. You only get lifetime access if you own the NFT.

He also emphasized that there will be assistance for those who are confused about the entire ordeal:

These things are very new and confusing to some people and I want to make sure everyone understands what they are buying and has a user friendly experience.
If you have any questions please visit the BJJ Fanatics discord, they are very knowledgeable and willing to help. I will not be answering a million questions in my DM or comment section (mostly because I don’t know the answers.

The discord and open seas links will be posted in my stories and the open seas link to buy will be in my bio. They are also both available on the BJJ fanatics website.
Let me know if you think I could have done anything better with my 1st NFT experience and let me know if you have any major issues.