Gordon Ryan Calls Out Ruotolo Brothers: “I Will Fight You Both Back To Back”

Gordon Ryan Calls Out Ruotolo Brothers: “I Will Fight You Both Back To Back”

A bit more than a week ago, Kade Ruotolo stated that if he and Gordon Ryan were to roll together, that Ryan wouldn’t be able to Heel Hook him. However, Ryan didn’t react to the call-out.
But now, Tye Ruotolo also called him out, asking for the 10-1 odds in a potential match.

This time, Gordon reacted:

The truth is- I like the kids [Ruotolo brothers]. They were the only ones from ATOS who kept their words when we had the issue with the Modolfo camp filming. They even went against their professor and kept their word to Mo, I respect that.
That’s why I never attacked them and even kept my mouth shut when Kade said I couldn’t heel hook him. But now since I’ve been formally called out, I’ll address it, as always.

Tye called me out asking for the same 10-1 odds I gave Pena. First of all, at this point, any grappler is LUCKY to even have me mention them, never mind step on a mat with them. They get more press and more money facing me than they could doing ANYTHING else in their broke athlete lives.
I offered Tye 2-1 odds- his 50k ONE bonus, vs my 100k, which is a gift since he should be paying me to step on the mat with me seeing as he hasn’t won a single tournament of note at black belt (yet).

He disregarded that comment and went into a rant about how money doesn’t matter and how I wasn’t confident enough to give him those odds.
If the money didn’t matter why are you asking for 10-1 odds? And you’re talking about my confidence while simultaneously asking for 10-1 odds?

Ryan offered 2-1 odds to both brothers:

How about both of the kids put up both of their 50k bonuses from ONE, 100K dollars, and I will put up 200k dollars for 2-1 in a no time limit sub only match.

I will fight you both back to back, you pick the order. After match 1 we will mop the mats, I’ll change gear so the mats don’t instantly get wet again, then we walk out for match 2, no break. 2 vs 1 100k vs 200k.
Put your money where your mouth is, or shut your f*cking mouth.

P.S.: If you’re looking to accuse someone of juice, how bout starting with your friends that fail drug tests.