Gordon Ryan Calls Out Craig Jones: “This Coward, Quitter…”

Gordon Ryan Calls Out Craig Jones: “This Coward, Quitter…”

Gordon Ryan‘s beef with the B-Team is heating up by the minute.

After he was accused by Nicky Rodriguez for using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), Ryan fired back at his former training partner; accusing him of greasing before matches and, equally, for using PEDs.

And now, Ryan has decided to call out Craig Jones as well, with whom it seems he wasn’t just a training partner – but also a good friend before.
Here’s what Ryan had to say in a recent Instagram post, referencing Jones’ Submission Underground 17 match against Mason Fowler:

The guy who “wants to compete” against me (who just declined a match against me for UFC Fight Pass btw) is 0-3 against me and has 3 losses via sub against me.


If you think this quitter, coward, fu** has any shot of ever beating me than you’re just as d*** as the people who think Nicky Fraud [i.e. Nicky Rodriguez] is a lifetime natty.

And Jones, staying true to his humor, answered with a… Cryptic comment:

One things for sure. Mason Fowler’s girl is satisfied.

This is only a continuation of the ongoing beef between Gordon Ryan and the B-Team.
Read more on what Ryan had to say about the team here, like when he emphasized that he’d give gym discounts to B-Team members:

Don’t worry, when our school is opened I’ll personally guarantee a discount to any B-Team student that wants to join our team, where all of the classes will be taught by myself, Garry, and John.