Garry Tonon Victorious by RNC at One Championship Manila

Garry Tonon Victorious by RNC at One Championship Manila

BJJ ace Garry Tonon faced the ‘Kerala Krusher’ Rahul Raju in his second pro MMA bout today in Manila, Philippines during the ONE: Reign of the Kings event on July 27th. Much as expected he won by submission, a RNC in round 3.

Tonon dominated the first round, taking down his opponent down although he was on the receiving end of some strikes standing up. Tonon had two heel hook attempts which Raju defended.

The second round was mostly on the feet with Tonon showcasing his improving striking and was able to land a takedown.

In the final round round, Tonon dominated once again, taking the fight to te ground and sinking a RNC in the mid round.

John Danaher commented:

Victory in Manila! Garry Tonon won his second MMA fight here in the Philippines tonight. He took on a very tough and big Rahul Raju and won via rear strangle in the third round. It was an interesting bout, Mr Raju had a big reach advantage and staked his chances on a powerful counter rear hand. Mr Tonon attacked the legs hard in submission exchanges looking to cause enough damage to prevent him sitting on his heavy punches. As the damage to the legs accrued the takedowns came easier and then Mr Tonon switched to back attack system to get the break through. This ends only the seventh month of his MMA training – I am happy he got more time in the cage in this fight and got to feel some of the adversity of a longer fight – all important steps in an athlete’s development. Congratulations to Mr Tonon on a very nice win and deeper progress into the game. Thanks so much to all the sparring partners who helped the preparation – and thanks to all of you for taking an interest in our approach to the game and your support of what we do – hope you all enjoyed the show! 😊 Wishing you all the best from the Philippines!

Watch full event here for free:

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