Gabi Garcia: “I have to get used to others being jealous because they haven’t been able to achieve what I’ve achieved.”


Gabi Garcia has been dominating every major BJJ and grappling event since 2010. Nobody has come close to beating her. She will be compating at the 2013 worlds next week and plans to make history as the most dominating female competitor of all time. In this interview with Kid Peligro of ADcombat, she discussed her goals and steroid using allegations from other BJJ players:

KP- You are without a doubt the greatest female competitor of all times if not greatest competitor period. To what do you attribute this success?

GG- A lot of training, lots of dedication, discipline, paying attention to my Master Fabio Gurgel’s instructions are the main reasons. I stay humble and connect with my fans, I try to give everyone their due attention. There are many factors I love people and the care they show towards me, I have a hard time walking around the tournament arena, I became very popular I believe because I am in touch with my fans and I share all that I do and they believe I deserve to be champion

KP- With all the talk about PED and the innuendos that go with being a top, now you’ve won the Pan and the drug test results came clean; do you have anything to say to those that accused you in the past?

GG- Everyone can say whatever they want but no one comes later and says “congratulations; you won because you trained really hard”. No one attacks those who are failing, I can be tested whenever they want to test, during the Worlds, the No Gi Worlds, many of those accusing me were not competing and I was. I don’t believe I have to prove anything to anyone. But all that was stuck in my throat and I was judged and condemned and instead of them worrying about their own training and preparation and try to beat me they looked for easy answers to their failures than to realize why I was winning. There will always be those that only criticize, if it’s not one thing it is another, they’ll find something else to say, I just have to be used to that because of my position at the top and get used to others being jealous because they haven’t been able to achieve what I’ve achieved.

KP- What are your immediate goals?

GG- I want to win the weight and the Absolute in the Worlds. Then I am going to NYC to train with Marcelo Garcia and Tati to get ready for ADCC. I will be staying there until I leave for the event. I want o focus 100% on that.”

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