[Funny] Keenan Cornelius: “No-Gi Is For People With Less Brainpower”

[Funny] Keenan Cornelius: “No-Gi Is For People With Less Brainpower”

What are your thoughts on rolling and competing in no-gi Jiu-Jitsu? Is it harder or easier than competing in the gi?

In a recent social media video, Keenan Cornelius shared his opinion on the subject:

So, some of the things I’ve been working on lately… Obviously, I’ve been doing a lot of no-gi and trying to understand – conceptually – what the goals are.

The way that the game has evolved is really amazing and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. And I see that, even though no-gi is a simplified version of gi – for people with less brainpower – I appreciate the simplicity.

Cornelius continues:

It’s so simple that you actually have to underthink… You have to think less in no-gi than you have to think in the gi – and that can be liberating. But also, all of the hyperanalysis that I’ve done in the gi is useless.

So, it’s like going from chess to checkers… Where, if you move the checker piece harder and faster – and with more steroids – you have a higher chance of winning.

He shares how no-gi cuts the technique options that “require brainpower” in half:

… And that is not a bad thing. It gives you an opportunity to improve your body. It really, like, brings your body into the game in a deeper, more visceral way.

Because you need to think, like: “I need the strength to be able to pull of this move.”

Of course, the whole video is tongue-in-cheek. Watch it below:


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